VDB Cloud Pack 1 - Cumulus Congestus

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Break Your Crayons VDB Cloud Pack 1 - Cumulus Congestus

Elevate your digital art and 3D projects with our high resolution VDB Cloud Asset Pack. This comprehensive collection includes 82 simulated cloud VDB files, each ranging from 20 to 100 million voxels, offering unparalleled detail and realism for your scenes.

Key Features:

  • 82 High-Resolution Cloud VDBs: Enhance your projects with these beautifully simulated cloud assets. These single frame assets come in multiple sizes coming from the different stages of Cumulus Congestus formation as seen in the images above.
  • Optimized Voxel Counts: Each cloud asset is optimized for performance without compromising on detail. With voxel counts ranging from 20 to 100 million, these assets offer a balance between detail and performance.
  • Blender Cloud Shading Tutorial: Unlock the full potential of your cloud assets with our exclusive Blender Cloud Shading Tutorial. This tutorial is an excerpt from our Houdini Cloud Simulation Course and the techniques were used to render the images seen on this page.

Usage Highlights:

  • Commercial rights: Each license grants the owner full commercial rights to use the assets in any project they need them for.
  • Versatile Integration: Seamlessly integrate these VDB clouds into popular 3D software, including Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, and more.
  • Customization: Tailor the appearance of the clouds to suit your artistic vision. Experiment with scale, density, and lighting to create captivating atmospheres.
  • Ideal for Various Projects: Whether you're working on animations, architectural visualizations, or game development, our VDB Cloud Asset Pack adds a layer of authenticity to your virtual environments.


  • File Format: VDB
  • Resolution: High (20 - 100 million voxels per cloud)
  • Compatibility: Universal compatibility with major 3D software packages

Bonus Content:

Enhance your creative journey with our included Blender Cloud Shading Tutorial. Learn advanced techniques that bring your clouds to life with dynamic shading and realistic lighting.

Embrace the power of realism and creativity with Break Your Crayons VDB Cloud Asset Pack 1. Elevate your digital landscapes and captivate your audience with breathtaking cloudscapes.

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82 High Resolution Cloud VDB's + Blender Cloud Shading & Rendering Tutorial.

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VDB Cloud Pack 1 - Cumulus Congestus

8 ratings
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